Our Mission

To develop technology that simplifies all healthcare communication making it easier to practice medicine

By Doctors, For Doctors

“I’m passionate about building technology that fits into a doctor’s workflow and allows us an easier way to do what we do best: providing great care to our patients.”

— Dr. Jeffrey Becker

Neurohospitalist and Founder of BeckonCall

Our Story

From our founder and resident optimist, Dr. B

As a neurologist, practicing for over 20 years, I found myself frustrated with the way we handle communication in healthcare.

When I left residency and went into practice, like most, I was carrying a pager and receiving messages through a live-operator answering service. A decade later, nothing had changed.

It started out with small annoyances. I was getting tired of being woken up in the middle of the night due to answering service operators dispatching messages to the wrong physicians. I was suffering frequent calls when I was off-duty — calls that disturbed time with my family.

Even if the answering service managed to deliver the message to the right physician, the content was often inaccurate, as the live operators were not medically trained — and ended up causing confusion and further frustration for myself and others in my practice.

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Our Team

We are healthcare professionals developing technology with the mission of making it easier to practice medicine.

Andrew Steele — Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jeffrey Becker — Chief Medical Officer

Tim Lytle — Chief Technology Officer

Jason Offutt — Principal Engineer

Cory Smith — Director of Sales

Kacie Donovan — Digital Marketing Manager

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