Andrew Steele

Andrew Steele


Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and startup CEO passionate about building businesses around disruptive technologies that improve our every day lives. He has built businesses to over $100M and helped lead 4 exits that collectively created almost $1B in shareholder value. 

Dr. Jeffrey Becker

Dr. Jeffrey Becker

Founder & CPO

Dr. Becker is a physician and technologist, and the founder and visionary behind the BeckonCall technology. Currently a Neurohospitalist with Honor Health, Dr. Becker is constantly conceiving new ways for technology to improve the quality of care delivery for patients everywhere. 


Tim Lytle


Tim likes making things, is a lover of well built APIs, and hates the top reply. As a mercenary developer he's built numerous applications specializing in API consumption and creation. An occasional writer and speaker on design, tools, and PHP in general. 


Jason Offutt

Principal Developer

Jason Offutt is an experienced UI developer with a background in art and design. A self-proclaimed software crafstman and design nerd, Jason imbues BeckonCall's products with power, simplicity, and elegance. 


Cory Smith

Director of Sales

Cory is an innovative sales leader and former non profit CEO who is dedicated to continuously improving healthcare through the implementation of new technology. As Director of Sales for BeckonCall his day consists of coffee, engaging conversations with customers, bugging our developers...and more coffee. 


Kacie Donovan

Digital Marketing Manager

Kacie is a lead generation and content marketing professional who has led growth programs for client and agency teams. As Digital Marketing Manager for BeckonCall, Kacie spends her time crafting content designed to make life easier for healthcare professionals.