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Hospitalist Group Takes Control of their Clinical Communication to Save Thousands of Hours Per Year

Find out how Dr. Arya Nabavieh has saved $60,000 in answering service fees, and over 2,000 hours a year in wasted care coordination time.

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Orthopedic Surgery

Arizona Center for Hand Surgery Reduces Time to Treatment by Streamlining Communication with ED's

Find out how Dr. Jozef Zoldos of Arizona Center for Hand Surgery has saved 3,650 hours in wasted time per year since starting to use BeckonCall.

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HonorHealth Neurology Saves Time and Improved Patient Satisfaction by Replacing the Answering Service

Find out how Dr. Jeffrey Becker reinvented his answering service to improve patient satisfaction by 20%.

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Nurses / HUCs

Nursing Staff at Phoenix Hospitals Accelerate Consults to Spend Less Time on the Phone and More Bedside

Find out how Jessica Geissberger, BSN, RN and other nursing staff at hospitals in the Phoenix-area reduced communication cycle times by 92%.

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