Clinical Communication Simplified

Spend less time trying to communicate and more time delivering care

You create and manage your schedule online
  • No hand written or faxed schedules

Quickly create and update your call schedule online at any time. All changes take effect immediately. You set your schedule, BeckonCall handles the rest.

We handle your inbound communication

Just like your answering service, BeckonCall handles all your inbound calls from patients and hospitals. Unlike your answering service, we allow for inbound texts from hospitals.

We automatically deliver messages to the right clinician
  • No delivery delays. No missed messages. No off-duty interruptions.

Based on the schedule you built, BeckonCall instantly delivers inbound messages to the correct clinician.

You manage all your communication from one app
  • Urgent patient messages at night while on-call
  • New consults and order changes from the hospital
  • Secure text messages with your practice staff

BeckonCall makes it easy to respond to a message by phone call or secure text directly from the app. Never expose your personal cell number.

Our Features

  • Inbound patient and hospital call handling
  • 24/7 message delivery
  • Message escalation protocols
  • Simple provider scheduling
  • Two-way texting with hospital staff
  • Message logs and documentation
  • Get started in under 30 minutes
  • In-app caller ID protection
  • Urgency management protocols
  • Individual and group chats
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Voice message transcription
  • Easy message forwarding
  • Hear patients in their own words

What other healthcare professionals are saying about BeckonCall

“Our answering service was old-school. We used to hand write and fax in our schedule of who’s out and who’s covering each day of the month. With BeckonCall, scheduling is really intuitive. I set the schedule online and we don’t have to worry about messages going to the wrong place or wrong person.”

— Dr. Arya Nabavieh

Managing Partner, Desert Hospitalists

“I would recommend BeckonCall to any practice that needs to communicate with hospital staff or patients. BeckonCall just makes it easier and more efficient to communicate back and forth as a physician.”

— Dr. Jozef Zoldos

Managing Partner, Arizona Center for Hand Surgery

“BeckonCall has given us more features and better functionality for our birth center compared to our previous answering service. With BeckonCall, I am able to connect with my patients faster and am able to hear their concern coming directly from them which eliminates 3rd party confusion.”

— Amanda Shafton

CNM, The Midwife Center for Birth and Women’s Health