Clinical communication without the frustration

BeckonCall eliminates care delays caused by third-party answering services and connects physicians with patients and hospital staff in real time.

Communicating about patient care shouldn't be this hard…

Answering services are inefficient and error prone, leading to compromised patient care and physician stress.

BeckonCall makes it easy for everyone

By replacing third-party answering services, BeckonCall ensures better patient care and happier physicians.

BeckonCall for Physicians

Improve patient care and take your time back with one easy-to-use app

  • Never receive a message when you're not on duty
  • Instantly understand issues by hearing patients in their own words
  • Respond without exposing your personal cell number, no more *67
  • Eliminate errors & hold times that delay patient care
  • Quickly manage hospital communication with secure texting

BeckonCall for Practice Administrators

Get happier physicians, more satisfied patients and a shorter to-do list

  • Get happier doctors by eliminating errors and delays
  • More satisfied patients due to faster physician responses
  • Complete documentation reduces liability and “he said, she said”
  • Update your call schedule online at anytime, no faxing necessary
  • Be up and running in minutes, not months

Trusted by Practices of All Specialties

“BeckonCall just makes it easier and more eficient to communicate back and forth as a physician. It is very helpful to finally be able to manage all of my communication in one place, while not having to worry about hold times!”

— Dr. Jozef Zoldos

Managing Partner, Arizona Center for Hand Surgery

Why You Should Switch

Gain Efficiency

No hold times, no phone tag, no delivery delays.

Eliminate Errors

Removing your answering service eliminates human errors and late night interruptions.

Save Money

Save up to 75% off what you're already paying for your answering service.

Get Secure

Don't get busted for a compliance violation by using standard text messages or email. BeckonCall is HIPAA compliant.