On-call communications for the mobile era.

Imagine managing all of your practice communications from a single app.

That’s BeckonCall.

Mission Control for your practice.

BeckonCall's intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling tools make building on-call schedules as easy as sending a party invite. The schedules you build create intelligent routing for all communications between patients, nurses and providers so that the right messages go to the right recipients at the right time, along with built-in escalation protocols to ensure no messages go unanswered. Rest assured knowing you'll never miss an important call again, and that you won't be bothered when you're not on duty.

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Instant. Intelligent. Secure.

Hospital staff, providers and administrators can all communicate instantly via secure text and chat capabilities. Control message delivery based on call schedule, location, specialty and level of urgency. No more phone tag. No more voicemail. No more cheesy hold music.

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Everything, in the palm of your hand.

Patient messages and transcriptions, text threads with your partners and chats with hospital staff are all conveniently and securely organized in the BeckonCall smartphone app.

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Get started for free today.

No risk. Month to month. Cancel at any time. So, what’s stopping you?

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24x7 message delivery

Mobile push notifications

Team messaging

Message escalation protocol

Caller ID protection

HIPAA compliant

Cloud based scheduling

Urgency management protocols